Static Mixers

Samhwa static mixers provide continuous in-line mixing fluids, gases, or powders using no moving components. Our S-type mixers incorporate alternating helical elements, each set 90˚ to its adjacent elements, to provide through blending over a short length for a wide variety of materials.
Samhwa mixers are custom designed for each application. The number of mixing elements is determined by the specific requirements of the application. Mixers can be jacketed or electrically heated and supplied with fixed or removable element strings. Also, edge seal type is provided for special applications. Sizes range from 2 mm to more than 2 meters in diameter.
Flow Division
As the product stream passes over each mixer element, it is divided into two equal halves. With each succeeding element, the number of divisions grows exponentially equal to 2n, where n is the number of mixer elements.
For example, the cross-section photos at right of an 8-element mixer represent 28or 256 divisions. Accordingly, 20 element mixer will produce over a million divisions of product.
Rotational Circulatio
The first helical element rotates the flow in one direction, then the direction is reversed at the next element. This action creates a further mixing effect, promoting product uniformity
Radial Mixing
The flow is forced to be inverted completely so that particles entering at the center of the stream are continuously mover to the outer wall and back again.

Mixing Principle

Mixing Principle

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• Excellent mixing or blending of two liquids, liquid and gas, two gasses, or two powders
• Plug flow
• Short, uniform residence time
• Uniform Temperature; no hot spots
• Smooth shape and edge sealing of elements allows no dead spaces for product to hang up or degrade
• Can be used for low or high (20,000+ Poise) viscosity materials
• Can be used for highly corrosive materials
• No moving parts

 General Use

• Mixing, Reaction, Extraction, Dividing, Composition, Coloring, Polymerization, Emulsification, Heat exchange, pH control, Neutralization
• Heating Warm Water Manufacture, Gas mixing, Powder mixing
Standard Specifications
• Materials: Carbon steel, 304 SS, 316 SS, PVC, Teflon, PP, PE, FRP
• Number of elements: 6
• Element Installation: Fixed or Removable
• Housing Pipe: ASME/ASTM, JIS, DIN, or KS Standards
• Connections: Flange (ANSI, DIN, JIS, KS, etc.,). Threaded, Union, Welded, etc.


• Edible oil industry, Mayonnaise, Ice cream, Chocolate , Beverage/Milk industry, Ketchup, Pharmaceuticals
Standard Specifications
• Materials:304 SS, 316 SS
• Number of elements: 6
• Surface finish: Buffing and Electro Polished
• Housing Pipe: IDF Sanitary Pipe
• Connections: IDF Sanitary Clamp & Union

 Pilot Plant

• Laboratory or Pilot plant
• Mixing of small quantities
• Mixing of two-component resins (resin + hardener)
Standard Specifications
•  Materials:304 SS, 316 SS, Glass, Hose and Acrylic Housing with 304 SS or 316 SS Element
• Number of elements: 24
• Element Installation: Removable, edge sealed
• Connections: Threaded, Hose Nipple Union, etc.

 Viscous Fluids / High Pressure

• Polymer Melt and Resin Color Mixing
• Mixing and distribution in chemical fiber processing
• High viscosity fluid mixing
Standard Specifications
• Materials: Carbon Steel, SUS304, SUS316
• Number of elements: 6
• Element Installation: Removable, Edge sealed (Nicrobrazed)
• PVC, Teflon, PP, PE, FRP, PET, Nylon
• Housing Pipe: ASME/ASTM, JIS, DIN, or KS Standards
• Connections: Flange (KS, JIS, ASTM, DIN Standard) Welded, etc.
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