CSM Heat Exchangers

Samhwa has developed a new design (patent pending) of heat exchanger that is generating considerable interest among polymer producers. It uses helical mixing elements as before, but they are inserted into coils rather than tubes (see sample photo at right). The coil/mixer assemblies are arranged in a vessel similarly to a shell and tube heat exchangers design.
However, a key difference is that the heating or cooling fluid flows through the coils while the product flows in the open space previously filled by the heat/cooling agent. The result is a high heat transfer unit that requires much less flange wall thickness for a given pressure. Weight is substantially reduced, thereby reducing unit and installation costs.
Benefits / Advantage Applications
• Lower pressure drop than other static mixer heat exchangers
• Weight is reduced from one-half to two-thirds
• Higher heat transfer
• Less cost
• Stronger than normal shell and tube type
•The new design is expected to be suitable for any type of heat
exchange application. However, it will be ideal for high pressure
polymer processing applications, such as for polyester.

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