SM Type Heat Exchangers

Samhwa specializes in building heat exchangers which incorporate static mixing elements and especially suited for heating and cooling highly viscous fluids. The mixing elements continuously create a new Interface between the product and tube wall, thereby producing a uniform heat history in the Product. This arrangement produces a heat transfer rate that is three to seven times that of conventional heat exchangers. These heat exchangers are very compact, producing a short residence time.

• polymer Cooler & Heater
• Devolatilization Preheater & Feed Heater
• Maintaining constant hot oil temperature in recirculation loops
• Cooling hot melt adhesive products immediately before packaging
• Heating viscous food product such as taffy, glucose products, corn starch
• Healing proprietary sealants in production of self-sealing automobile tires
• Cooling precursors used in carbon fiber production
• Cooling polystyrene foam in extrusion processes
• Maintaining temperature uniformity of cellulose acetate in filter tow production
• Removing heat generated in exothermic reactive processes

Standard Specifications
Heat exchangers are custom designed for each application.

• Materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, etc.
• Pressure: :Exceeding 350 bar (5,075 psi)
• Viscosities: Exceeding 20,000 Pas (20,000,000 cp)
• Certifications: ASME, DIN, Chinese Safety Quality License, Others

Benefits / Advantages

• Increases heat transfer coefficients three to seven times that of traditional open tube designs
• Low pressure drop for high viscosity materials
• Short and uniform residence time
• Smooth shape and edge sealing of mixer elements allows no dead spaces for product to hang up or degrade
• Can be used for materials with low to high viscosities
• No moving parts, therefore no maintenance
• Can process highly corrosive materials upon various options of materials to be chosen
• Uniform temperature-no hot spots

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