Without any moving part, an Ejector uses steam, gas, or liquid as motive fluid to transport, compress, or mix gas, steam, liquid, and/or powder.
Ejector spays high speed steam, gas, or liquid through a nozzle, producing vacuum stage.
Ejector is distinguished by the kind of motive as Steam Ejector, Liquid Ejector, Air Ejector, etc.


Steam Ejector is a kind of ejector, that is used in most parts of industries. It Offers a range of vacuum levels using steam as the motive fluid.
To produce low vacuum, single stage ejector is used, while multistage ejector is used for high vacuum with inter-condensers.

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• Body : Carbon steel, Stainless steel
• Nozzle: Stainless steel
• Flange : KS, DIN, ANSI Standards
• Vacuum drying, Enrichment, Distillation, Deodorization, Crystallization, Exhaust, Impregnation, etc.

Steam Ejector Curve

Steam Ejector System



Sucks liquid to transport, discharge, or heat by spraying steam
through nozzle at high speed.

• Transporting corrosive liquid such as acid, alkali
• Transporting and circulating radioactive materials
• Discharging of contaminated water in PIT
• Pump priming
Standard Specifications
• Materials: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Bronze, Teflon, etc.
• Connections: Flanges (ANSI, KS, DIN, JlS Standards), Threaded

Motive steam water to be sucked off mixture



Used to suck and mix, transport, of compress fluids using high speed fluid (usually water) as the motive medium.

• Vacuum distillation and drying
• Dilution of suction chemicals in water treatment industries
• Mixing and transporting fluids and suction gases
• Transport of salts, activated carbon, resins, etc.
• Pump priming
Standard Specifications
• Materials: Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Rubber, PP, PE, Teflon
• Connections: Flanges (ANSI, KS, DIN, JIS Standards)

ION Exchange Filter



Installed in the suction line of a water sealed vacuum pump, using atmospheric air as the motive medium.

Serves to prevent cavitation on a water sealed vacuum pump
Standard Specifications
• Materials: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Teflon, etc.
• Connections: Flanges (ANSI, KS, DIN, JIS Standards),Threaded, Union
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