Green Management – Green-Biz

1. Purpose of Green-Biz

To reduce greenhouse gas and amounts of resources used over business activities continuously, Samhwa Mixing Tech Co., Ltd. voluntarily establishes and manages its own policy toward Green-Biz, supported and observed by the governmental regulations

2. Basic Principles of Developing Green-Biz Products

1) Using of low-consuming energy Products and Material
2) Developing and using of products with non-harmful substances
3) Faithful execution of environmental regulations and related laws

3. Green-Biz Purchasing

– Evaluation of vendors’with their environmental management ability
– Purchasing of environment-friendly products (Environmental Labeling marked, Environmental Cover certified)
– Cooperation with vendors for faithful supplying parts & equipments containing non-harmful substances such as RoHS.

4. Continuance of Green-Biz


5. Records of Yearly Improvement of Energy-saving

*( ) shows improvement
What unit 2010 2011 2012 2013
Energy Sources MJ 281.2987 381.3840(35.6%) 223.2954(41.5%) 209.4751(6.2%)
Greenhouse Energy KgCo 14.8775 20.1561(35.5%) 11.4478(43.2%) 10.5283(8%)
Subsidiary Materials Kg 80.7360 228.041(1.82%) 90.1730(60.5%) 8.5310(90.5%)